May 16th, 2010

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will be even quieter than usual for awhile

My presence will be sparse online for the next week or two -- Emily's coming home next weekend (yay!) and there's much to do. I'll try to keep up with posts as much as I can, but that's been difficult for me lately even on a good day -- so if something big happens, keep me updated. *gives puppy dog eyes*

When my vacation comes in late June and early July, (among other things, we're headed back down to Missouri for a wedding) I'm likely to disappear completely for awhile. I'd better start preparing some columns in advance!

Meanwhile, a little and not terribly interesting local fire story:

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book cover humor

Noble County Relay For Life Coming May 22-23

This coming weekend brings the Noble County Relay For Life, and the time is now for cancer survivors and their caregivers – along with everyone wanting to support this American Cancer Society event – to clear their schedules for May 22-23.

The event begins at 10 a.m. Saturday with opening ceremonies, and the Survivor Walk is scheduled for 5 p.m., with a survivor luncheon afterward. Walkers for the Survivor Lap are asked to be ready by 4:45 p.m. Signing up can begin as soon as the Relay opens at the West Noble High School football field, right up until the Survivor Walk begins. Everyone is, of course, welcome to participate in all the other activities scheduled throughout the day and night.

For more information contact Cholene Anderson at (260) 693-3433, or by e-mail at We’re hoping for a record breaking year in honoring survivors and recognizing victims of cancer.

Help is still needed to assist with luminaries, sign hanging, and other jobs, so anyone available is asked to come in by 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 22. Also, donations are still needed for the silent auction that will take place at the Relay.
More information, including a schedule of events, can be found at the Relay’s website at .
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Writer's Block: I'm off to see the wizard

Are there any movies that you absolutely loved when you were younger that you've watched again and found awful or ridiculous?

Well ... most of them. But in some cases, such as some of the sillier Godzilla movies, the ridiculousness actually made them *better*! (by the way, The Wizard of Oz was *not* one of those movies -- it just gets better and better.)