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May 9th, 2010

from the author Dave Barry:

What’s the best author to read on airplanes?

Chuck Norris. Because when you read a Chuck Norris book, the person in the next seat will not bother you.
Seriously, I shouldn't even get credit for this -- it wrote itself. Just goes to show what the President of our Town Council always says: You can't fix stupid.

Some stories just write themselves. So it was Friday at the Noble County Jail, in an incident that jail officers referred to as "another first".

The whole thing started just before 2 p.m., when 44 year old Elsie M. Kerekes of Kendallville arrived in Albion to inquire about bonding her husband out of jail. Jail officers, reacting to what they called Kerekes' "obvious alcohol impairment", greeted her in the building's lobby.

While they were investigating, Anthony Walsh, 46, also arrived and entered into the conversation.

Police say Walsh, also a Kendallville resident and Kerekes' older brother, drove Kerekes to jail so she could bond out her husband. Unfortunately, Walsh was allegedly also intoxicated.

In fact, Kerekes' blood alcohol content was measured at .19%, and Walsh's at .20% -- well over twice the legal limit for driving, according to the Noble County Sheriff's Department. Police charged them both with Public Intoxication and escorted them through the next door and into the jail, where they no doubt had to arrange for someone else to come and bond them out.

And who bonded out Elsie Kerekes' husband?

No one; he wasn't in jail. Instead, he was home asleep in bed, and had been there when Elsie Kerekes left for the jail. He'd been arrested, but bonded himself out two days earlier.


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