March 22nd, 2010

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Please keep Officer Schrader in your thoughts and prayers ...

A Whitley County Police officer was critically injured when his squad car crashed while he was responding to a call Saturday night.

Sheriff's Department Reserve Officer Adam D. Schrader, 30, was in critical condition after the crash, which happened at about 3 a.m. Schrader was responding to an emergency report of a drug overdose when, while eastbound on Whitley CR 275 N, he came to a T intersection with 350 W and was unable to make a turn.

The 2006 Ford Schrader was driving crossed the intersection, then struck several trees and an earth embankment.

When Schrader failed to arrive at the call other officers became concerned. Luckily he had reported to dispatchers where he was responding from, so Indiana State Police trooper Joel Lemmon backtracked over the most likely route and discovered the wreckage at about 3:20 a.m.

Firefighters and medics freed Schrader from the wreckage and treated him before he was airlifted to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, where he was taken into surgery for multiple injuries. He was reportedly in intensive care over the weekend, but his condition had stabilized.

Police say Schrader, an 8 year police veteran, was wearing a safety belt, and that the Crown Victoria's airbags deployed.
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Well, we'll see ...

Many a tree and barrel of ink will be sacrificed in this argument ... often needlessly, as people refuse to listen to other opinions. Just the same, here's one.

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The “reconciliation bill” is not a “health bill” but an anti-health bill. It relies heavily on price controls, taxes and fines to punish doctors, hospitals and formerly innovative companies the produce ...