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March 4th, 2010

Epic Fail

Yeah, so, big e-mail from TurboTax, informing me that even though Jillian has lived with me since summer my ex-wife already claimed her for a deduction, and apparently the IRS doesn't allow a SOC to be split between two people for dependent purposes. So, the Feds and state rejected my return. I've gone from getting a refund to owing; there doesn't appear to be a way to get credit for the tuition I spent on her, either.

I spent two days collecting and organizing paperwork, only to find out all my fine tuning brought me just under the minimum deduction anyway, which means I could have used all those receipts and papers as toilet paper, for all the good they did me. Then I found out that I can have a dependent in my home for half the year and pay hundreds of dollars in tuition, but she's still not a dependent.

I have two words for you: FLAT TAX.

Yes, I'm well aware I'm encroaching into controversial areas with this, and that many people believe celebrities should be allowed to do whatever they want, because it's their private lives, blah blah blah. Yeah -- no. I've seen too many people make the wrong choice because it's the same choice their idol made. I've seen all too often the death and destruction caused by alcohol and, for that matter, tobacco. Thank God most of us live in countries where we're allowed to disagree, but go elsewhere and argue it out amongst yourselves.

Yeah, it’s a competitive business. Athletes get frustrated. Sometimes, in the really physical team sports, they get in each other’s faces and engage in shoving matches, late hits, and fowls. But enough about curling.Collapse )

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