January 27th, 2010

Dawn writes

My article's published!

Hey, look at that: I'm published in an online magazine, Writer Friendly:


The site covers all types of writing, but my piece is about fanfiction. (Not that there aren't people on my LiveJournal flist who are much more experienced with fanfic than I am!) I'm a regular contributor, how do you like that? :-) Everyone's welcome to sign up; the main Writer Friendly URL is here:


On a kind of related note, I signed up for a creative writing course at the Kendallville Public Library: every Wednesday afternoon through February. I don't know a lot of specifics just yet, other than that the students are free to work on whatever kind of writing they prefer, but I figured it might be a good refresher course for me. The only post-high school writing classes I've ever taken were three correspondence courses, on newspaper, short story, and novel writing -- and they were all a long time ago.

Wish me luck with time management -- I'm teaching a hazardous materials course on Thursdays.