December 27th, 2009

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many happy returns

Happy birthday, Jillian! The night you were born was one of the best -- not to mention most memorable -- of my life. Now, suddenly, just a few days later, you're an adult: in college, working a job, doing your own laundry, and even picking up after yourself from time to time. Happy 19th! Keep your eye on the future -- may all your wishes and dreams come true.

Here's Jillian, being a good aunt just one year ago:
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book cover humor

Owner Neuters Explicit Snowman

This is one of those cases where I could have gone on for another few paragraphs -- so many puns, so little time -- but the newspaper never would have printed the result.

A snowman who was built a bit too realistically caused a fuss in southwest Noble County the day before Christmas.

A witness called police at 12:11 p.m. Thursday to report that someone in the 500 W block of CR 350 S had built a snowman with explicit genitalia. The caller was concerned that children might see the extra manly snowman, and would start asking questions parents weren't prepared to answer.

Police were able to make contact with the creator, who agreed to remove certain parts and make the snowperson more G rated.