December 21st, 2009

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The little snowfall of 2009

I mentioned to someone earlier that it seems like, no matter how bad the weather might seem in northeast Indiana, someone else is getting it worse. That was certainly the case this weekend, when we had a little six inch snowfall while just about everyone east of us was getting clobbered by a full out blizzard, complete with nearly two feet of snow. It just wasn't all that bad here (not that I liked it much). In fact, most of the problems here in Noble County wouldn't have happened if people would just slow down and remember what it's like to drive on the white stuff. Just the same, I've got copy to write, so:

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courthouse 1

courthouse pic

Emily sent me this image of the Noble County Courthouse in Albion, which I took with her camera when we went out for a walk during the snowfall Saturday. You know, I must really love her, to allow myself to be dragged out into that stuff ... ;-) Kind of a gloomy day, and unfortunately you can't see the fine snow that was still falling at the time, but I kinda like it; she's got a nice camera. (I believe you can click on the image to make it bigger)

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