November 8th, 2009

Epic Fail

Train Jumper Claims to be Jesus

Ligonier, Indiana (Albion New Era news)

Police on a traffic stop in Ligonier early Thursday were surprised when a naked man covered in blood approached them, claimed to be Jesus Christ, and announced he'd just jumped off a train.

Part of his story was apparently true: Police tracked a trail of blood back to the nearby Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. Apparently the man did, indeed, jump off a passing train sans clothes.

The injured man was later identified as a 23 year old Elkhart resident, whose name wasn't released. He was hospitalized with injuries that included serious facial trauma including deep lacerations and several broken teeth, according to the Ligonier Police Department.

Ligonier Police had stopped a car near Cavin and Richmond streets, and were doing a drug investigation when the man approached them at about 1:14 a.m. He reportedly identified himself as Jesus Christ and claimed that he'd jumped from the train as a way for repenting for his sin.

Officers quickly called for medical assistance, and Noble County EMS personnel treated the victim while Ligonier firefighters set up a landing zone in the nearby parking lot of Millennium Industries. He was flown by Samaritan Helicopter to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, and admitted for treatment.

Norfolk Southern Police are continuing an investigation into the incident and also looking for the clothes, which were reportedly left behind on the train. Police believe it was a freight train, which the man got onto in Elkhart, and that it was traveling between 30-35 mph when he jumped off. He remains unidentified because at this point no charges have been filed against him.

Meanwhile, the original traffic stop led to two arrests: Seth Ryan Adkins, 22, of Ligonier on a meth possession charge, and 22 year old Tazza M. May of Cromwell on a Marijuana charge.