September 21st, 2009

book cover humor

Someday I'm gonna write a book

Early yesterday morning a guy got drunk in the wee hours and took a swan dive off the top of a barn. He was the same man two officers did CPR on after he demolished his car last year, so this was his second ride on a medivac helicopter. I hear they give you a t-shirt when you ride on Samaritan ... the most expensive t-shirt ever. So, what do you get for a second ride? A hat?

Yes, alcohol was involved.

On a much more tragic note, in the wee hours of this morning a man on a bicycle got t-boned while crossing Highway 3 near Avilla, by a car going at highway speeds. Still not sure what the contributing factors to that will be, but to say it didn't end well is putting it mildly.

Sometimes it's hard to internalize this stuff. That's a fancy way of saying work sucked.
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