September 17th, 2009


We almost lost a baby yesterday

It's been a really quiet year in fire activity around the area, which is -- of course -- a good thing. But the Chief left on a trip starting Wednesday, and that's a sure bet that something will happen.

I was on my way to the fire station -- to record "Glee", as there's a VCR there and I no longer have cable -- when the page went off. That allowed me to get there early and get the overhead doors open, which in return allowed the other guys to go straight in without having to mess with the electronic door lock. Although I was on the first truck out, that was pretty much the extent of my heroics.

If the staff of the Noble House hadn't acted quickly and properly, our little one hour incident would have been a four or five hour stand that would have destroyed the building. More importantly, it would have been a hard rescue or -- more likely -- a body recovery. It would have also meant a lifelong regret for the child's big brother.

Here's the story:

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