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September 6th, 2009

motorcycle crash

My friend Dave Hart, who's a full time paramedic and a member of my fire department, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident up in Michigan late last week. Apparently his motorcycle hit another vehicle and flipped over it, and I'm told he was pinned under that other vehicle for a short time. I haven't posted about it because I was waiting to get confirmation on his condition: Now I'm hearing he came through surgery on a broken leg just fine and has partially regained consciousness, but there was some bleeding in his brain and they're watching his condition carefully.

Dave's a father and a great guy who loves riding his motorcycle for relaxation, something that's needed in a business like his. He's in good medical hands, but your prayers, vibes, and/or good thoughts are much appreciated in the difficult days he'll have ahead of him.

On the unpopularity of crossovers

My massively complicated Dollhouse/Firefly/Doctor Who/Big Bang Theory crossover story only got 31 hits on fanfiction.net and not many looks anywhere else, although at least those who did read it seemed to really like it. Do you suppose it was just a little too complicated? Yeah, probably. There are some people who just don't read crossovers at all, on principle, and there can't be that many people who are fans of all four shows.

Still, I was proud of it. So just for the heck of it, I'm posting my favorite individual moments from each of the fandoms in the story, separately:

Big Bang Theory

Holy crap -- is that who I think it is?Collapse )


Summer blinked at him. “A doctor.” What? Had he said that?Collapse )


“Not much different from gorram normal,” Jayne muttered.Collapse )

Doctor Who

“Maybe, but this crazy man saved River, didn’t he?” The Doctor gave Jayne a pointed look. “By the way, nice hat.”Collapse )

And, a hidden fandom:
surprise!Collapse )

bright blue gag

In one of Neil Gaiman's Sandman stories there's a mention made of a "bright blue gag" -- gag as in "joke", get your mind out of the gutter. ;-) Apparently it's an old term, maybe related to the vaudeville era. Emily and I can't figure out what it means -- does anybody know?

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