September 4th, 2009

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livejournal birthdays

I seem to be mostly back up -- for now -- having loaded Firefox onto my evil Windows work computer, but now I'm way behind and facing a weekend in which I probably won't be online much at all. (Full Moon, holiday -- busy times in dispatch.) Before everything goes to heck again, happy birthday this week to lillianmorgan, akaela_lee, and roonblah!!!!
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news article on new fire rescue boat

An inflatable rescue boat is the newest addition to the Albion Fire Department’s compliment of ice and water rescue gear, thanks to a $2,327 grant from the Noble Community Foundation. The boat can be carried in a small package to where it’s needed, then inflated quickly with a compressed air bottle. Because it’s smaller and more portable, it can go into areas such as flooded roads and shallow waters that the AFD’s regular boat can’t.

Fire Department members used money from fund raisers to help purchase the boat, but the majority of the funds came from the Community Foundation. Pictured on the left is Margarita White of the NCCF, along with AFD Captains John Urso and Shaun Jacob

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