August 22nd, 2009

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disturbing news

Well, not disturbing so much as ... puzzling. A few days ago the doctor put me on zithromax (antibiotics) for my whatever the heck I had. After the questions and exam I jokingly said, "You know, I couldn't help noticing I have all the symptoms of H1N1." (For those who don't know, that's the so-called swine flu that everyone's been talking about.)

He looked at me seriously and replied, "If this was October, I'd have you swabbed and tested immediately."


Granted, cool weather is when flu spread becomes a serious issue, but I thought they wanted to keep an eye on H1N1. Besides, antibiotics are contra-indicated in flu cases.

So the way I see it, he's treating me for a routine bug but telling me there's a chance I might have actually had a mild (well, relatively mild) case of the flu; and since I'd mentioned earlier that my HSA account was almost empty, maybe he was just trying to save me the bill for the test. I'd feel like a self-diagnosing paranoid if I asked him, and besides -- I'm feeling better. Comments? Is there a doctor in the house?
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