August 18th, 2009

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I really, really hate sore throats ...

I think I'm getting a cold. At first I thought it was the stress of the college move and doing the mouth breathing thing while I was catching up on my sleep today, but now I've found out almost everyone who went down to Muncie with my Sunday already has it. Summer colds suck.

Well, winter colds suck too, but summer colds suck more.
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Geek dance

many happy returns!

Happy birthday to nuchtchas!!!!

Here's a gift for everyone (who happens to be a science nerd, which I think counts with her), a science geek LiveJournal group that I gakked from missmurchison:

Have you found yourself thinking, Man, I wish there
was a fast and simple way to get my science fix?

ontd_science is dedicated to nerding out on a daily basis.

Post interesting articles you come across and
share the information wealth with others.

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book cover humor

Bandslam -- not the movie the ads made it appear to be

This article, from "Deadline Hollywood", is an eye opening look at how a screwed up advertising campaign can sink a new movie. Jillian and I watched "Bandslam" over the weekend: She had to drag me in, kicking and screaming, because I thought it was just another Disney "let's put on a show" musical rip-off.

Instead, it was the best movie I've seen yet this year. And yes, I did admit she was right.

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