August 17th, 2009

book cover humor

College life

As I write this Jillian's spending her first night at Ball State down in Muncie, as an official college student. It was around 90 degrees and humid as we moved her in, and there's no air conditing in her cell-like room -- it's so tiny! When we left she was figuring out where to put everything. It's 8 floors up -- thank goodness for carts and freight elevators.

Still, despite my getting only a few hours of sleep today, all in all it went very well. She won't need air conditioning for much longer anyway, and it's not like there aren't student lounges and other places for her to go if the place gets too closed in. (The campus is beautiful.) I have a feeling she and her roommate will be hanging some posters and making the place look very homey -- and it's just down the hall from the kitchenette and laundry.

Yep, she seemed happy and eager to get going on things. My youngest, my baby, is a college student.