August 4th, 2009

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Got Emily down to Missouri safely, although I had some issues with allergic reactions of various kinds just before we were to leave. In addition to nursing a case of poison ivy, it seems I'm allergic to Missouri mosquitos *and* to bee stings. I got hit by a little sweat bee (I think -- the bugger was *fast*), the first time I've been stung since I was a teenager, and the result wasn't much fun.

I guess a bee allergy is to be expected, since I was already allergic to spider bites.

But the really bad news is that the date when we thought she could sign up for this fall's semester was wrong -- the website was all screwed up. The earliest she can register is the next weekend, when Jillian and Charis are going to be gone to Michigan anyway. She could have been up here for another week!

We are not amused. That's 18 hours of driving in two days, people.
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