July 29th, 2009

book cover humor

Vacation news


Well, not that I was gone physically ... we didn't have the money to take that long trip to Hawaii to sit on the beach, sipping from a glass with a little umbrella in it. But I was mostly absent from the internet for close to three weeks, so from a cyberspace standpoint it counts.

So ... what did I miss? This is the longest I've ever gone without checking my LJ flist, and there's no way I can go back to update myself.

While my part time jobs continued, I got away from dispatch for awhile. Emily will be heading back to college soon, and not long after Jillian will be starting her freshman year at Ball State, so summer's almost over for us. We did get a little time to:

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So I'm back to reading my flist (except for on the upcoming weekends when I'll be taking Emily and Jillian to start their respective school years), but still won't be commenting very much. My fiancial condition dictates that I publish or perish; If I don't put other things aside and start getting my fiction into the mail, I'll have to give up on writing entirely and take another part time job. Please don't defriend me, I'll be around!