June 25th, 2009

book cover humor

busy update

Okay, trying to catch up, here. It's been busy at work -- the heat brings the nutcases and morons out (Um, I mean, lots of people need help!), and we've been busy at home, too. I'll have an Indiana Beach pic spam as soon as my head and neck heal up from the rides; we had a fun time despite the heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn and whiplash.

This week we're hoping to get Jillian's room all painted, shop for Charis' birthday, attend a reunion at the neonatal intensive care unit where the twins came into this world, and maybe start to get some work done on "Radio Red" for a future submission.

Our unusually cool spring has turned into a near record heat wave, so I dusted off the air conditioners and got them ready. (I'm always a little surprised when the one that's cemented into the dining room window since I moved into the place 20 years ago still fires up that first time!) My normal tactic of running window fans all night and shutting the windows during the day only works when it's actually cool at night ...

I actually have the weekend off, my one week in six! That means I'll be on the run, so, to cover the whole week, happy early and on time birthdays to [info - personal]kathyh, [info]iwontsayplease and [info - personal]cbtreks!!!! May you have days of not too cold, not too hot, and not too busy.