June 12th, 2009

book cover humor

next week's column, nomination, festivals and real life

Been a bit busy over here, as usual. We fed about 600 at the fire department's fish fry Wednesday, and things are looking possibly stormy for the parade Saturday -- the perils of fair week. I'm still working on the final revision to Coming Attractions so I can get it in the mail to Avalon -- when a publisher says they want your manuscript, you send it to them! That should be done by the end of the weekend, and on Monday we're going to Indiana Beach, a local amusement park, for a mini-holiday. A week from tomorrow -- the twins' birthday party!

meanwhile, I got a message from the White Knight Awards, where She Would be Thirteen has been nominated for the "Ludicrous and Far too Breakable" award. It's just a world of squee, isn't it? I see familiar names there, and all the great stories nominated can be found here:

Thanks to whoever nominated me! I'm working this weekend, and it being summer and festival weekend, I suspect I'll be overly busy; if you don't hear from me, I'll check back in next week.

The column, and one of my favorite pics by Charis (which I think I've posted once already):
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