May 27th, 2009

book cover humor

next week's column: Five Generations, Five Different Times

Happy birthday to [info]wisemack and [info]cathyteach2!!! May your days be full of fun, chocolate cake, and no kerfluffles. :-)

Now, why am I posting another weekly column, only a day after the last one? Why, because I posted the last one a bit late, and won't be around at the time I normally post the next, so they've circled around and run into each other. I'm off for at least the next four days, to prepare for and attend the Relay for Life and Jillian's graduation, and again won't be online much. I'm afraid this might be one of those few times when I don't even get to read my flist, let alone comment, so please take note of anything you think I should know about! :-) Have a great weekend, and wish me one that's relatively trouble free.


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