May 21st, 2009

Geek dance

and many more ...

I'm headed for days off, hoping to get some practice walking in for the Relay for Life and also get the downstairs bedroom painted this weekend. Since I won't be around (much), happy birthday Saturday to frimfram, also known as framfrim!!!! May your personal journal never get mixed up with your writing journal. :-> Also, happy birthday Sunday to secondlina!!!! Must be a great weekend for LJ'ers.

For you Americans, have a great Memorial Day weekend -- and take a little time to remember our nation's fallen service men and women.
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courthouse fire

The historic courthouse in Madison, Indiana, burned down yesterday while it was being renovated for the town's bicentennial. (Madison is the oldest continuous community in Indiana.)

Madison is where my self-insert (coughMarySuecough) Buffyverse character, the watcher Richard Philips, used to live. Richard was a volunteer firefighter for one of the local departments down there; I can't help thinking that if he'd been there, they could have saved the place. :-/