May 13th, 2009

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I have a Dreamwidth account now, also with the username of Ozma914. I was going to ignore the whole DW craze, until I found out you can automatically crosspost between DW and LJ. I figure, if it's that easy to do two in one, why not?

Now I can't figure out how to make it crosspost.
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Epic Fail

Enterprise vs. Death Star

Oh, by the way, we went to see "Star Trek" over the weekend. It was certainly the most exciting and fast paced of the Trek movies, although once or twice it seemed a bit too "Star Wars" for my taste. (I loved "Star Wars" -- we don't need another one!) Overall: I'm looking for an excuse to go see it again next weekend. Trek is back!
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book cover humor

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just testing to see if I had the wrong password in for LJ crossposting, please ignore ...

Hey, look at that! I must have had the wrong LJ password in over at DW. We're in business!