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May 2nd, 2009

I'm coming into a busy time now (when am I not?): Jillian graduates high school in less than one month! The Cancer Society Relay For Life is the same weekend as graduation (It's not too late to donate, if you wish to see me bald!) This weekend is the last show choir event (The Spectacular) for Jillian's high school show choir career (pictures later), and the twins are being Christened today. In addition to *that*, I desperately want to get my office finished up and also get the downstairs bedroom painted; the wallpaper's stripped and holes are spackled, now we need time to sand. So, if you hear even less from me over the next month, that's why.

Meanwhile, though, I received two fanfic writing award from the absence_oflight award site, both for "She Would be Thirteen": Runner up in the GenFic Angst category, and a Judge's Choice award! This helps a bit with the extremely stressful and emotionally up-and-down Spring I've been having. (I'm messed up over my little girl graduating!) Here's the site, where great stories will be found:

Here lie really cool banners.Collapse )

Meanwhile, I've reported on a few somewhat odd stories that happened around here in the last week; thought I'd throw them out for those who might be interested:

Sadly, the horse died:

Amish Couple Rescued from Elkhart RiverCollapse )

Turkey Crash Damages Car

That's a headline I just don't write every day ...Collapse )

Bounty Hunter Comes to Noble County to Net One, Lose One

Joe Bounty Hunter, seriously -- he even has his own web site. I got to take the 911 call from him that left me saying, WTF?Collapse )

And, just to keep our busy streak going:

Fire Damages Albion Area HomeCollapse )

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