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March 26th, 2009

My week: Dancers and Fields on Fire

I'm back! Okay, I really wasn't gone all that much, but grass fire season started early this year and we've been getting our socks rocked. but on to the important news: Jillian's show choir group, The East Noble Premier Edition, came in 5th at the State Show Choir Finals Saturday. That's the 5th best show choir in the entire state of Indiana, which isn't all that shabby, so go her!
Premier Edition!Collapse )

Here are some articles on the brush fires, none of which were all that horrible -- by Indiana standards. It's a bit early in the season, so more excitement could be yet to come.

Rain Brings Break From Grass FiresCollapse )

Did you note the part about rain bringing an end to the danger? *sigh* Only for a day -- it doesn't take long for dead spring foliage to dry out under sun and a good breeze:

Yeah, we had to drive around flooded roads to get to a frakking field fire:Collapse )

And in the middle of all that, a house catches on fire:Collapse )

But wait -- there's more!Collapse )

So -- yeah. Busy week.

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