March 16th, 2009


Must be March ...

When you're already had flood, tornadoes and wind, what natural disaster could possibly come next? You've got it: Fire.

Our brush fire season can be very busy, but we don't get the huge, fast moving and very hot ground cover fires like they have out west (well, not usually). Our are mostly just a nuisance, but as people have built more and more homes in rural areas, we've had more and more fires that start in a field, woods or ditch, and end up taking out a vehicle, outbuilding, or occasionally even a house. That hasn't happened this year -- but it's still early.

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Geek dance


Since I'll be busy and probably won't be on LJ for a couple of days -- maybe longer, since Jillian's show choir is going to the state finals Saturday -- happy birthday tomorrow to spikeslovebite!!!!!!!! Wishing you a warm and sunny week, and hopefully one that won't be as busy as mine.
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