February 17th, 2009

Geek dance

birthday and other news

Happy birthday, lillydove!!!!!!!!!

On the homefront, the good news is that the mixed show choir group at Jillian's school, which Jillian crews for, was awarded best choreography and Grand Champion at their competition Saturday. Although her group (the all-girl section) didn't place, it's clear the mixed group would never have done so well without her backstage support. :-)

The bad news is that she got home with a sore throat, and has been nursing an illness (a bad head cold, I think) ever since. We sat around the house all day Sunday watching episodes of Sarah Conner Chronicles, and also catching the Dollhouse pilot, when she wasn't falling asleep from the cold medicine. (You could tell which scenes in Dollhouse that the network had poked its nose into, but overall it wasn't bad; I've heard rumors that the second episode is much better.)

Yes, I expect to catch her cold any day now. :-)

Finally, here's a column that I wrote for the same week that jaded_jamie's column went in. For reasons too irritating to explain here, I had to write one column for two of the papers that publish me, and a second one for the third paper. This one is something of an ode to my home town, and probably not interesting to anyone who doesn't live around Albion:

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