January 21st, 2009

Emo in Winter

cold, ick, snow, misery, blah blah blah ...

I'm back, sort of. Actually, I'm going mostly off line again for a couple of days for various reasons, but I've returned from my trip to Missouri; Emily's back in college, and the trip was relatively uneventful except for almost hitting a hawk the size of a small dragon while going 70 mph on the interstate.

The next day I walked outside to go to work and my car wouldn't start. For the third time this winter. I don't understand, it's only 10 years old ... Maybe I should replace it. *checks wallet* Maybe I should get it fixed.

Anyway, before I forget, happy birthday to parlour_songs, and happy belated birthday to whitecable, bitterfig (also known as bitterfic, and hieispike!!!!! I hope your special days went better than ... well, than my days have been going this week. Stay warm!

Also on the brighter side, my story "To Start the Day" was nominated for best GenFic over at the Rogue Poet Awards -- thanks to whoever nominated me! All the great nominated stories can be found here: http://awards.rogue-poet.com/

Finally, appropriately, and just in case some of you aren't clear on exactly how I really feel about this time of year, here's a repost of a story I wrote about this time last year. It just felt ... appropriate, for a morning when it's 7 degrees and my decript old Nissan is home while I'm at work:

Title: Frozen Dinner
Author: ozma914
Summary: Xander discovers that while facing vampires is bad, facing Cleveland is worse.
Rating: PG
Length: 960 words
Notes: Special thanks to vichan and gillo for giving me the idea, and to the lovely strangexgirl for the beta. I own nothing except a hatred of winter.

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