January 13th, 2009

Geek dance

Have a great day!

Happy birthday to psychgrl101 and, since I'll be outrageously busy for the next several days, an advanced wish for a great birthday to makd and angelus2hot!!!!! May you have still-warm chocolate cake, hot chocolate to drink, a warm place to celebrate, and a first-class ticket to anyplace south as a present.

On a related note, there's a blizzard coming this way. We don't have blizzards often, thank goodness, so I expect to stay busy at work with -- let's face it -- a wide variety of stupid people doing stupid things. In addition, we have to start getting ready for our trip back to Missouri, since Emily returns to college next week, and I need to start putting together a public relations package for the latest American Cancer Society Relay for Life news. In other words, please don't defriend me if I don't reply to many posts for awhile ...
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