December 7th, 2008

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Happy *somewhat late* birthday, gillo!!!!!

I didn't get online yesterday, because I spent half the day trying to get my daughter's carpet cleaner to work properly, and the other half watching her boyfriend fix it. I'm desperately scrambling to get the house cleaned up before I leave to pick up Emily Wednesday, but I'm afraid most of the rooms will look ... well, pretty much the same way they looked when she left. I got slowed down by catching (still another) cold this weekend, and by hurting my ankle and arm in a fall -- falling over the vacuum cleaner, ironically. This is what happens when you rush!

Also, did I mention getting my second writing assignment for the EdenFantasys website? It's on -- wait for it: long distance sex! Warm up your webcams, people. ;-) (Yes, still not around much for awhile.)

one-shot: "Slaygiving"

EIDT: Um ... if this seems familiar to anyone, it's because I've already posted it here, a couple of years ago. I meant to put this up on gen_storyteller, where I'm reposting my stories one by one ... sorry about that. But what the heck -- might as well leave it up here in case it's of interest to anyone who wasn't on my flist that far back. *sigh* It's been one of those weeks ...

Sorry for being late, but I hope this is close enough to Thanksgiving ...

Title: Slaygiving
Author: Ozma914

Summary: Post-Chosen: Everyone -- living, dead, and machine -- gathers together at the new Watcher Headquarters -- whether they want to or not. Discomfort ensues.
(This takes place in a post-"Chosen" universe in which rather questionable spells have resurrected Tara and Buffybot, and more or less cured Dana.)

Rating: PG
Warnings: fluff
Length: 2,500 words
Disclaimer: I own practically nothing except my Mac and my Buffy comics.

Characters: Willow, Buffybot, Faith, Xander, Dawn, Robin, Kennedy, Buffybot, Tara, Buffy, Giles, Dana, Andrew ... um, just about everybody who survived Sunnydale, plus a few who didn't.

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