November 14th, 2008

Geek dance

happy birthday, and an announcement

Happy birthday, rayruz!!!!! Spend the day lazing around with cake, ice cream, and ariastar fanfics, and relax.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm going to be going just a bit off the grid for a week or two, after I've posted my column and maybe a few other things. I'm on vacation next week, and will spend the week madly cleaning and organizaing in preparation for strangexgirl's arrival during her spring break. I'll continue to read my flist, but probably won't comment much.

In addition to the cleaning, I have to do some researching toward my -- wait for it -- new part time writing job! I'm talking for pay, people! I'll give more info when my first piece comes out, but I won't blame those of who who choose not to read it: They'll be (hopefully) humorous informational pieces for a -- wait for it again -- adult products website.

Seriously. :-> More info to come.