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September 29th, 2008

Yeah, I'm gonna die.

stolen fromt eh zombie slaying strangexgirl:

Your result for The Super Zombie Survival Test...

Fast Food!

You have that wonderful blend of courage, luck and smarts that could get you through....but I wouldn't exactly count on it

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life, the universe, and everything

I'll be a bit lax on commenting for awhile (again), although I should still have time to read my flist -- I hope. Thanks to being sick, I'm way behind on my getting ready for fall stuff: especially getting the house winterized, storm windows up, and plastic over the old home's even older, drafty, desperately in need of replacement windows. Did I mention I need new windows? If I don't get that plastic up, any candle that gets lit will go out in the cross-breeze.

I also need to finish bush trimming and painting my porch railings before the snow flies. The railing should have been painted a few years ago, and half the job is getting all the rust off so I can paint them. This is one of those jobs I excel in hating to do, so I put it off way too long ...

In addition to that, strangexgirl has convinced me, through her brilliant use of logic, to write some stories to submit to the Writer's Digest Short Story competition. This is what I'll be working on for the next few weeks, then I'll start on doing long-awaited revisions to last year's NaNoWriMo novel. My plan is to reward myself for every finished original fiction by writing a fanfic; the best of both worlds. But if I don't keep on the original stuff I'll never be published (thus the brilliant use of logic I mentioned earlier). Short fiction doesn't come naturally to me, so I'll be fighting with it between now and the deadline at the beginning of December, but I think I can pull off something decent; I'll keep you posted.

I'll still be around, at least with my columns -- gotta pay the fuel bills!


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