July 22nd, 2008

Anne - What on Earth?

vacation, birthdays and Doctor Horrible

I've got three weeks of vacation coming up (yay!) during which I won't be around the internet all that much (boo!). It doesn't start until this weekend, but I'm so backed up with stuff I have to get done that you probably won't be hearing much from me until toward the end of August. I still have to get my columns in, of course -- no vacation from the newspaper -- so I won't disappear entirely. However, for the first time since last year's vacation, I won't be able to keep up on my flist, so I hope you'll all be prepared to let me know what I missed!

I'm going to Missouri for a week or so, then bringing Emily back up here for a couple of weeks more until she has to go back to college; she's staying down in Missouri for school because she's got a free ride to the local community college, and it would be crazy to pass up a chance at an associate's degree that doesn't including running up a lot of student loan bills. We don't *like* it, but she has to look out for her future, after all. That's why I won't be online more than necessary -- I want to spend every moment I can with her.

After that, I'll have to make some hard decisions about the way I spend my time. With two jobs, the volunteer fire department, and two new grandbabies, I haven't gotten any writing done to speak of. It's amazingly difficult to become a novelist when you aren't writing novels.

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Meanwhile, happy birthday to redwolf! And since I won't be around, happy early birthday to zessa, fangfaceandrea, zenofthesword, dragonsong, and lilachigh. Also to darthsindel1981 and bipolarcat, in case I'm still backed up that far into August.
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