July 4th, 2008

book cover humor

health update

They took Charis to the ER tonight -- which wasn't a long trip, considering she's been living in the twins' room since she was discharged from the hospital. She was suffering abdominal pain, and naturally we assumed it was a complication of the pregnancy.

They did a CAT scan, and now suspect she may have ball bladder problems. Possibly unrelated to the pregnancy! It doesn't rain, but it pours ... but at least they think she's well enough to hold off on further treatment until her regular doctor's in on Monday.

In better news, Hunter's feeding tube was taken out yesterday, so he's completely on bottle/breast feeding. That's one of the prerequisites for going home, and he may be discharged sometime today.
Hunter's eyes

Brayden still needs a little help with feeding and may stay a bit longer, but they're gaining weight and otherwise look just fine.
Brayden's eyes

The pics are by my ex-wife, who managed to get them with their eyes open where I've repeatedly failed.