June 18th, 2008

book cover humor

BtVS fic: Welcome to Slayer School

Title: Welcome to Slayer School
Author: Ozma914
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,300 words
Characters: Giles, plus a surprise who probably won't be all that surprising.

Summary: Post-Chosen: Giles, desperately trying to deal with an influx of new slayers, interviews a perspective employee. There is brief mention of events from my previous post-Chosen stories, but reading them isn't necessary.
This is my entry over at summer_of_giles; head on over there and check out all the great Gilesy fics and art!

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book cover humor

Albion New Era

My newspaper has a new web site -- they're still not updating it often enough, even for a weekly paper, but it's lots better than the old one. And at least they got my column in, under the "Opinion" category.

If you're into small town papers that have virtually no interest to anyone who doesn't live in the small town (and barely then), then this is the place for you:


Get on there and tell them how great I am. Okay, that's kinda pointless, there'll be no raises this year. :-)