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June 13th, 2008

How did they find out?

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Stone Guardian

Your Superpower is Dance Dance Revolution

Your Weakness is Booty

Your Weapon is Your Solar Launcher

Your Mode of Transportation is Bullet Train

BtVS fic: The Doctor and the Key

Title The Doctor and the Key
Author Ozma914
Rating PG
Word Count 1,950 words
Character: Dawn, Buffy, The 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler, and a few surprises

A/N: Post-Chosen: When Doctor Who tries to cure Dawn's mystical illness, he unintentionally opens her mind to a greater universe -- one she might not want to return from. A sequel to "House Call"; and who the hero actually turns out to be may surprise you.

The Doctor and the KeyCollapse )

Your fate with the Doctor
Your name?
You describe yourself as a...?
Favourite colour?
How did you meet the Doctor? He saved your life...after, most likely, endangering it in the first place...but you forgave him for it.
How much does the Doctor care for you? - 11%
Does he love you? (8) - It is decidedly so. - (8)
Do you love him? (8) - Yes. - (8)
How many years will you travel with him? 9804
How will you die? You will die valiantly trying to protect and save the Doctor, and he will hold you in his arms as you die.
This fun quiz by Lady_Boromir - Taken 292 Times.
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