June 8th, 2008

book cover humor

3rd place

My story "House Call" tied for third place over at still_grrr, for prompt #67!


All the fiction and art winners can be found here:


Unfortunately, my entry for prompt #68 was rejected. Somewhere along the way I'd missed the fine print: a character picked for the other month's prompts can't be used in the "free for all" category ... I was just thinking, well ... "free for all". :-( I'll repost that story here later -- it's a sequel to "House Call".

Since I only had less than a day before deadline and there wasn't enough time to write another story, I posted my older story "Happy Slaying, Charlie Brown" for prompt #68. (Reposts are allowed, if they're not too old and haven't been used on still_grrr before.) So, all's well that ends well.