May 18th, 2008

book cover humor

I won an award!

My story "Today a Hero" won first place for Prompt 064 at still_grrr!!!!


It was against stiff competition, too -- great stories. Here are all the banners:

And here's a link to all the stories, along with fanart that was also up for voting:

The May theme for the writing challenge is to give women from the Jossverse some quality hero time. This week it was "Mothers", for which I wrote a story called "To Start the Day", which I crossposted here. Next week the target characters are Anya, Cordelia, and River, and I've already been attacked by a small but voracious plot bunny. I just wanted to finish the month's challenges, something I haven't done before. Maybe I picked a bad time for it, but with Charis moving at the end of the month, summer stuff coming up, and Charis' baby due in way too short a time (Babies, plural! Oh, and boys!), I figured it was now or never.

I'm having a blast -- writing fanfiction is way too addictive.