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April 17th, 2008

Summer of Giles

Oh, okay, fine -- I signed up.  You should too:


Writer's Block: Back in Time

If you could travel in time, which era would you visit and why?
 I'd go back to my own youth, conk myself across the side of the head, and tell myself to stop acting like an emo idiot.
 Copy this post into your journal (making sure to allow anonymous comments), people will then comment ANONYMOUSLY with the name of someone on their f’list that they think others might enjoy reading... be it for their interesting meta posts, fabulous art-work, wonderful stories or just because they are an interesting person who they think others might benefit from knowing. (You can give the reasons WHY you think we should read this person's journal, or just post their name--whichever you feel more comfortable with.) It's probably best not to pick someone whose entire journal is locked because there wouldn't be any point if there weren't any public posts for people to read.

Other members of your f’list then copy this into their journal giving you the chance to continue spreading the love by recommending people to them!


* Make sure your recs are done anonymously; this is to reduce any potential hurt feelings for other members of your f’list.

* Rec BtVS or AtS people only please. I am sure we all have fabulous people on our f’lists who are heavily into Firefly, or Lost or some other fandom, but this is all about getting members of the Buffyverse fandom in touch with each other.

* If you want to rec more than one person, that’s great, but please do each person in a separate anonymous comment.

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