April 7th, 2008


wildland fire season kicks into gear

Just an update; grass fire season hasn't been too bad so far, since we had some rain late last week. But people are definitely out there burning now that the weather's gotten into the 60's, and it'll only take another day or two of drying, and a breeze to kick up, and we're in trouble. You can't predict Indiana's wildland fire season: if it rains in just the right places and then things green up, we can get by with a quiet spring. On the other hand ... well, we'll see.

As for me, I didn't get any action -- I missed our first grass fire last week, and was on the second-in brush unit for this most recent one. All I got to do was drive by and see the scorched earth. considering my lungs are still gunked up (cats? chest cold? anybody?), I suppose it's for the best. The doctor actually put me on an inhaler similar to the one my daughter takes for her asthma, so I can sleep without the rasping/wheezing/coughing.

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