April 5th, 2008

book cover humor

an apology

Sorry for disappearing for awhile. Verizon, which shall in the future be known as the Evil Empire, cut off my internet. As near as I can figure from my conversation with the fellow in India (who was very nice, by the way), it was because of a previous outstanding bill on a completely different account, which I could make payments on until it was paid off, I was told -- just before they sent me to collections. the internet bill was paid up, but they're not allowing me to pay it by check anymore because of a completely separate bill that they *are* letting me pay on by check.

So if anyone tried to e-mail me it probably bounced, and I also didn't get LJ notifications during that time; I'll backtrack and try to catch up as much as I can, but I haven't been online for three days, so I'm sure I missed something.

But never mind that, and maybe it was karma anyway: There's a more important reason I'm posting. Remember this?

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