March 30th, 2008



The weather's getting warmer! Birds are chirping, snow is melting, buds are, um, budding ... people are coming out with matches ...

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Ah, but that's just the *normal* way of letting things get out of control:

Oops! Town leaders burn down own building
A trash fire started by township supervisors burned down their municipal building, authorities said.

Gophers notch a win in man-rodent battle
A war on gophers waged by two Canadian men went awry this weekend when a device used to blast the rodents in their holes sparked a grass fire in a rural area near Calgary, Alberta, causing more than $197,000 in damage.
Four Friends

Buffy drabble: Better Every Year

Title: Better Every Year
Author: ozma914
Summary: What could make Buffy and Xander so happy about taking on a nest of
nasty vamps? post-Chosen, inspired by ... well, you'll be able to figure it out.
Rating: G
Length: 100 words

Buffy faced the oncoming vampires with glee. “This is great!”

“Isn’t it?” Xander agreed, going down under two vamps.

Finishing hers, Buffy grabbed one. “I know!” She tossed it across a headstone, then tackled the other.

“Unbelievable!” Xander was so happy he laughed, even when the last vamp grabbed him.

“I know!” Buffy repeated, spinning the vamp around to stake it.

“It’s so cool.” Xander wiped slush from his pants. “Fifty degrees! The snow’s melting, did you see?”

Nodding, Buffy unbuttoned her jacket; she’d actually worked up a sweat. “Spring’s come to Cleveland. It’s like stopping an apocalypse every year!”

Notes: I was inspired by seeing a long-range forecast in which the temperature was supposed to be above 50 every single day, for the first time this year! Let's hope the prediction holds ...