March 13th, 2008

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Premiere Edition is going to State!

Jillian's show choir is going to the state finals! I was shocked to say the least, as they didn't seem to be doing so well this year, but the choir director e-mailed out an explanation:

State!!:) Let’s pump the girls up for state. This is an amazing accomplishment.

I am aware that there was some mention of perhaps the girls just made state by default or did not deserve to go this year, because we have only placed twice. This is NOT the case. Going into state we have the 8th highest overall score from all state qualifiers. We have the 7th highest overall vocal score. The vocal score that took us to state this year is the HIGHEST vocal score that PE has received in any state qualifying round ever. We scored a 168 out of 200, which we have never done before.

As always, there are several school who choose not to participate in state for whatever reason. There were still 26 schools that applied to state finals in the unisex division, and we were part of the top 12. Please help me to pump these girls up for this weekend. This is a HUGE DEAL!!! 4 years in a row we have made this event. I HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE AT THE PEP RALLY ON THURSDAY NIGHT AT 5:30 IN THE AUDITORIUM.

So ... looks like I'm going to a pep rally!
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