March 10th, 2008

book cover humor

buffy double-drabble: "... And Cancel Slaying!"

Once more I must both thank and extend condolances to vichan, whose stories of local events keep giving me plot bunnies. I can't help feeling I'm benefiting from her pain!

... And Cancel Slaying!

Giles paused in the middle of checking the morning report, and sent a quizzical look toward Dawn. “Why are we receiving Cleveland School closings? This is Chicago.”

“Read them,” she prompted.

He scanned the list. “East Chicago School for Girls, Cleveland Branch – but that’s our cover story for the operatives there.”

Dawn nodded brightly. “Yep, and they’re covered – they’re all covered. They had a storm in Ohio; everything’s snowed in.”

Giles bit back a question about why a private school of a dozen slayers even had to be on the school closing list – of course, they were trying to make the school disguise as solid as possible.

Of more concern was the image of vampires wading through snowdrifts, searching for stranded motorists. “But – Buffy canceled slaying? We can’t just cancel slaying! The forces of darkness thrive on –“ He paused, coming to a chart that showed a marked decrease in demonic activity. “I don’t understand. She reported just last week that the Hellmouth was opening.”

“Pothole. They do things big over there – even vampires know to stay inside when bad weather hits Cleveland!”

“Did Xander concur with this?”

“He said, and I quote, ‘Yay!’”

“Well, of course he did.”
Doctor Who question


Say, how does one do a screen capture? Preferably without spending a great deal of money on software? Granted that I'm a digital idiot and have plenty of friends who would be happy to do it for me, but a guy's gotta get with the program, sooner or later ....
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