March 4th, 2008

WTF? Buffy

Buffy drabble: Happy Slaying, Charlie Brown

Buffy has a "Charlie Brown kicking the football" moment ...

This story received first place at a Drabble contest over at sl_podcast, way back last April -- Tabz was going to do a post featuring all the entries, but hasn't yet gotten to it; as her many fans know, she's moved, dealt with some medical problems, and is also heavily into various podcasting duties including the fantastic audio drama "Buffy Between the Lines".
Anyway, she'd said it was okay to post my entry and I thought this time of year would be perfect for it: You'll see why. I'm also doing it as a tribute to Tabz, who's in the hospital at the moment. Here's the link to the podcast where she announced the winner:

Buffy ran forward, planning to drop kick the fledgling vamp.

Then her boots lost traction. Buffy sailed through the air, like Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy’s football.


“Oof.” She landed flat on her back, in an eruption of snow. The stake flew into the grasp of the startled vampire, who grinned.

“Well, I guess the shoe’s on --”

But she would never know what the shoe was on, because he leaned too far forward and lost his traction, falling forward onto the stake. Soon he was just another drift.

Buffy stared up at the leaden sky. “I hate Cleveland.”