March 1st, 2008

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Happy birthday, darsynia!!!!!! Since your birthday comes after the end of one of my least favorite months, I'll take it as a sign of hope, in addition to a reason for celebration. :-)
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They didn't print my grave article, darn it. The burning grave happened outside the Albion New Era's usual coverage range, almost to the far corner of Noble County; still, I felt I had a shot at it getting in, since it's kind of unusual for people to report graves on fire.

I can take some comfort in seeing that a good portion of the front page was devoted to our firefighters. At our annual appreciation dinner pins were given out to the first responders, and service awards were handed out for service on the department: 5 years, 10, and so forth. My editor was there and got pictures; if you can find me (Where's Waldo?) you get a cookie. :-)

On a related note, they need to get someone who knows something about webpage layout to take charge of the newspaper's website.