February 12th, 2008

book cover humor

birthdays, stuff

Happy *coughlatecough* birthday, alwaysjbj!!!!

Sorry about being late; I've been offline for the better part of three days. On Saturday I spent the day at a show choir invitational in which my daughter's group, East Noble Premiere Edition, competed. Alhough they didn't place, one of their members took first place in the solo competition.

On Sunday I drove down to pick up Emily, who went back to Missouri for a couple of weeks to attend a Girl Scout gathering. A friend of hers drove her up and we met halfway, in Effingham, Illinois. I wasn't feeling too well; the weather was changing rapidly, having dropped some 30 degrees with 40 mph winds, and it made my sinuses act up. By the time we got halfway back I called in sick to work that night.

Isn't it terrible when you have to waste a sick day on being sick? I couldn't shake the headache, and ended up sleeping/trying to sleep a good part of the day; to make matters worse, Jillian came home from school sick and no one else was feeling well either, so I couldn't even get the proper amount of sympathy! :-)

So now I'm behind in, I don't know -- pretty much everything. But I'm back at work, and drinking large amounts of that fattening diet soda in the hopes that the caffeine will make the headache go away, and the temperature is all the way up to 12, and we're only supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow instead of the original 5-7 inches. Besides, Charis (my oldest) made some really good potato soup. It could be worse!