November 21st, 2007

book cover humor

novel synopsis, if you're interested ...

My NaNoWriMo Progress

After I posted a snippet of my novel in progress, winsomeone asked some questions about the character and pointed out that she hated to come into a story in the middle. Very good point -- here I'd written a scene without saying what the story's about! So, if anyone's interested, here's a very quick synopsis (without giving anything away) of what you'll be seeing on the bookshelves in 2012:

Collapse )

I have to say, as much as I love writing, that I really miss reading fanfic. A lot of my friends have posted interesting looking stories the last few weeks, and I was already behind as it was ... but I just don't have time to do any fun reading if I'm going to hit my word count while still juggling everything else that's going on. *sigh* It's always a trade off.