November 15th, 2007

book cover humor

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Guy Fawkes fans, history fans, V for Vendetta fans, you've got to check this out. It's the first of an 8 part story that can be found on YouTube, which attempts to recreate what would have happened if the Gunpowder plot had actually succeeded. Thanks for fascinating me with this just when I'm supposed to be writing, kazzy_cee! :-)

book cover humor


Happy birthday, sl_podcast!!!!

Tabz is amazing ... to give you an idea of how amazing she is, I listen to only 8 podcasts out of the millions available -- and she either created or is directly involved in five of them. I'm always worried she's going to over extend herself, but she just keeps going, so -- keep it up!

Oh, and take time out for some cake and ice cream. :-)