September 16th, 2007


firefighter death

About a hundred American firefighters die in the line of duty every year. Each of these tragedies should be noted, but every now and then one grabs my attention more than usual:

Those of you who read my Buffy fanfic story "Search and Rescue" might remember that my OC watcher, Richard, was a former member of the Madison, Indiana, Fire Department. In the story, he's mourning the death of a fellow Madison firefighter, killed in the line of duty.

When I created Richard and his slayer daughter, Kara, way back for my first story, having them live in a place called Madison was a whim. Madison is a real city, which I've visited only once; it's a beautiful place, along the Ohio River in southern Indiana.

The firefighter mentioned in that story was a real person, who died in a fire down there, and I conceived the tale second as part of a fiction challenge, but first as a tribute to him. Now, another Madison firefighter has died in the line of duty:

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