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August 6th, 2007

My Where I Live Photos

I'd forgotten that you have to be a member to see the wild_photos, so if there's anyone who'd like to see the pictures from around Albion and doesn't want to join up (after all, it's a pretty busy place right now), I'm reposting my entry here:

I've run out of time thanks to Mr. Potter, but I did a couple of quick runs around town and also stayed here at the house, to show my personal environment -- which I don't think is very interesting to anyone except me, after seeing all the other entries from all over the world.

Albion is a town of about 2,200 people, which was formed after Noble County held an election to decide the new county seat. The majority voted on "The Center" -- and so the seat was moved to the exact center of the county, which consisted at the time but nothing but rolling, forested hills. Since it straddled two townships, a new township was formed to hold it. Only one square mile, Albion Township is the smallest in the country.

The town got its name from a Noble County resident who had once lived in Albion, New York, and liked the name.

The business district is mostly centered around the courthouse square, which is to the right in this picture; the stoplight is at the dead center of Noble County. The haziness is because it's almost always hazy in Indiana during summer.
Albion's_stoplightCollapse )

There are certain obligatory Albion pictures, and the old town hall is one of them. Built in the early 30's as part of the Depression era job programs, it originally contained all of the town's services: government, fire and police, and street department. One by one each department expanded into its own place, until finally most were combined again into the Municipal Building at the outskirts of town -- now the old town hall is occupied by a county economic development agency.
Old_Town_HallCollapse )

Formerly the Noble County jail, this building now houses the Old Jail Museum, run by the Noble County Historical Society.
Old_Jail_MuseumCollapse )

For many years this was the Noble County Public Library main branch. In the front and back are newer additions: In the center you can still make out the original Carnegie building. It's now occupied by the Noble County Prosecutor's Office, which may be an irony.
Books_now_keep_you_from_hereCollapse )

It wouldn't be me without the mandatory picture of the Noble County Courthouse, which dominates the town. The first courthouse burned down; the second was junk, and only stood for a couple of decades; this one was built to last, and has for over a hundred years. I must have hundreds of images of it, but I never get tired of taking more.

Noble_County_CourthouseCollapse )

Only a few blocks from downtown, Rose Hill Cemetery is set on a series of rolling hills and dates back over 150 years; it's about the most peaceful walk you can have and, morbid as it might seem, a beautiful place.

Rose_Hill_CemeteryCollapse )

One of the things that dominates the view from my front door is the town's 75 year old water tower, which is set at the crest of one of Albion's 7 hills. It's slated to be replaced in a few years with one that's larger and better designed.

Water_towerCollapse )

Haze on the north side of town one morning; I did mention we get haze, didn't I?
HazeCollapse )

The Auburn-Garrett drive-in's about a 20 minute drive from Albion, and well worth it if you have many childhood drive-in memories like I do. Don't forget your mosquito spray.
Drive-in_screenCollapse )

Notice how good my house is at disguising itself. Maybe the owner will trim those trees. Someday.

HomeCollapse )

If you sneak around to the side, there it is ...
car,tooCollapse )

Yeah, we got corn ... this is Indiana, after all.
SunriseCollapse )

Thanks for stopping by -- I'll try to make my photography a bit less rushed, next time.
sunflowersCollapse )

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